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Pixcellence believe that wedding photography at its best will capture people at their most natural with candid shots as the day goes on. Our contemporary reportage style is combined with a strong understanding of light and composition to produce a comprehensive selection of stunning images from every wedding.

We are full time professional wedding photographers and our continued success is based on personal recommendation. We put all our time and effort into something we believe passionately about to deliver the very best service for our clients.

Asian Wedding Photography | Indian Wedding Photography
by Pixcellence Asian wedding photographers

Asian Wedding Photography and Indian Wedding Photography with a difference? We have a unique perspective and this has driven Pixcellence to lead the market in Contemporary Asian Wedding Photography. In our experience, a modern Asian bride is looking for something very different from the traditional Indian wedding photographers of the past. They want the very best for their wedding but at the same time they need a wedding photographer they can trust with an intimate understanding of Asian wedding traditions, the complexity of large, extended family relations and a full knowledge of Indian timing!

Pixcellence have become the market leader in this modern style of Asian wedding photography across the UK. With over 70% of our weddings now being either Hindu, Sikh or Muslim ceremonies and we have an experienced female photographer on the team, if required. Our Asian wedding photographers are experienced with all of the traditions and ceremonies involved in an Asian wedding. If you are looking for an alternative to the traditional Indian wedding photography style then you will love our approach. See our most recent Sikh Wedding PhotographyHindu Wedding Photography, Muslim Wedding Photography and Chinese Wedding Photography.

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Wedding Photography London | Wedding Photography Birmingham | Wedding Photography Manchester

Our London wedding photographer covers London and The South and  our Midlands wedding photographer, cover Birmingham, The Midlands, Wales, Ireland and our photographer in Manchester cover Scotland and the North of England! We work together to continually improve our techniques and service levels. We have a range of  wedding photography packages and each package can be configured to meet your exact needs - we cover all of the UK without any travel charges.

Wedding venues

If you plan to tie the knot soon, it is worth getting an idea about some of the wedding venue choices that are available to you. With so many different wedding venues, finding the best one may not be as easy as it might appear. Here are some ideas to consider when choosing the ideal venue for your wedding.

In the past, the wedding ceremony would be performed in a church or cathedral and then the reception would be held elsewhere. Another alternative is a registry office for the official cerermony and then a reception somewhere else. This more traditional type of wedding  is great if you want to have your reception somewhere that is unable to perform the legalities of the ceremony. The rules have been changed so that venues can hold a license to perform the legal aspects which means that the whole wedding can be conducted in the one place. This gives couples greater choice in where they have their wedding, which allows them to have a more unique experience.

Gardens and parks have become a fashionable choice for a lot of people nowadays. In fact, a beautiful garden or park provides a myriad of exotic backdrops that are ideal for the wedding photographs. You don't need to shorten your guest list when a garden is the preferred venue for your wedding. In fact, a large guest list can easily fit into a big outdoor garden or park. As well as gardens and parks, beaches are also very popular as a wedding venue for people who want to relax and have fun on their special day. This is a non-traditional type of wedding where the dress code seems to be more of a casual nature. But you may need to have a backup plan if the weather doesn't agree with your dates.

Country houses are very popular with many couples, they provide an ideal opportunity for your wedding photography sessions as the architecture will be interesting and the grounds will be beautiful. But you may have to plan well ahead as these venues get booked up very quickly. Many of these wonderful old buildings have a long and noble history attached to them and you can often have the whole wedding there, including the wedding ceremony. is a fantastic example of such a venue, every aspect of your wedding will be catered for so you won't have so much to organise.


Wedding Planning

Planning a wedding can be one of the most stressing things, but it doesn’t have to be. Weddings can be stressful because there is a lot of things that need to be taken care of, and many people usually want everything to go as planned.

Have a budget

This is an obvious one, but many people usually fail to budget properly and later have to make adjustments to try and fit everything into the budget. It is important to start the budgeting process before anything else. You will know how much you can expect to spend on a given thing, and this ensures that you choose what is in the price range that you had estimated. You will have to make minor adjustments as you go, but this is better than having to get rid of something that you wanted to have later on.

Plan for the weather

It is hard to predict the weather on the day of the wedding, making it important to prepare for anything on the day. Being prepared is important because there is nothing worse than planning a wedding thinking it will be sunshine and then it rains on the day and you all become disappointed. Having a couple of umbrellas and towels should be part of your planning.

Avoid procrastination

Putting things off until the last minute can really mess things up. You should try to take care of each task early on, have a list that gives you things or organise or buy over the weeks and months before the wedding. You will be able to do it with no pressure, and this means that you know things have been done and you can relax a bit.

Be finished planning a week before the wedding

You should aim to be finished organising and planning at least a week before the wedding so you can focus on other important things. It also gives you time to make any last minute adjustments.



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